Yuyao Foresightech Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is a professional R & D and production of radiators (radiator) manufacturing plant, rolling shutter window accessories accessories. With the development of enterprises, and gradually form a steel plate radiator spherical three on / two pass / combination of three links, other radiator hook bracket, tubular motor support bearing, rolling shutter hanging strip (spring hanging strip) two vigorously four big series products. The company is located in beautiful scenery, economically developed Zhejiang Yuyao city and Cixi City, 15 kilometers away from the Hangzhou Bay Bridge south bank headquarters entrance, Cixi factories from the Hangzhou Bay Bridge South connecting line concept of the city entrance 3 kilometers. As earlier engaged in traditional European panel radiator accessories factory, and increase input in technology and equipment, and gradually into the largest, most professional steel plate radiator accessories and the radiator bracket production base. The quality of the products gradually from low to popular localization gradually to the high quality, high performance in the high-end market positioning transfer.
Company philosophy:
1, product design: a completely user empathy consider using position based on the design concept, make the product design and the use of our closer to the user;
2, good pre-sale and after sale service to ensure zero distance communication with customers;
3, process control is better than the product inspection control: production process control is to ensure that the most effective way, the most direct products with zero defects and zero complaint, art and reasonable loading configuration to ensure consistent product quality long-term stability.
4, continuous improvement and self perfection: 8D report corrective measures, make the same mistake is not repeated, sustained improvement let us every day to improve.
Company quality policy: continuous improvement, in order to more suitable for customers.
Company quality target:
1, one-time delivery of products 98% pass rate;
2, customers complain that the recovery rate of 100%.