The largest air base in Asia Zhuhai Kaijian

Signing the 12 major projects for the aerospace, equipmentmanufacturing and other fields in November 11th afterZhuhai, advanced equipment manufacturing industry development and then good news. The 13 day, AVIC international company of Zhuhai aviation standard partsbonded warehousing base officially opened, the future will be built Asia's largest aviation standard parts bonded warehousing integrated supply base. The project fills theblank China aviation manufacturing industry chain, will effectively promote the China aviation manufacturingespecially civil aircraft manufacturing towards the world.

Aviation standard parts integrated supply is an important part of modern aircraft manufacturing. General manager of China aviation industry policy and legal affairs minister andAVIC international Zhuhai company Wang Zhilai introduces,at present domestic C919 civil aircraft aviation standard parts are factory procurement from dispersed aircraft parts,not do integrated supply, in terms of accuracy rate of timely, not up to the requirements, affecting the aircraft manufacturing schedule